Privacy Policy for Dark Stories

Advertisements from third party ad networks will occasionally be displayed. The advertisers may collect data about your mobile device and how you use the app in order to serve ads. Examples of data that may be collected can include: IP addresses, identifiers associated with your mobile device or applications on the device. You have a choice about participating in interest-based advertising. If you wish to opt out, please use one or both of the following methods:

Visit, to learn about and download the Digital Advertising Alliance’s consumer choice app, AppChoices, which allows you to opt out directly from companies listed in the app.

Use your phone operating system’s opt-out setting.

For instructions on how to "Opt out of interest-based ads" in Android OS, please visit

For instructions on how to "Limit Ad Tracking" in the iOS, please visit

The privacy policies of our third party partners can be read at:


Unity Ads:

In Android, this app uses the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. It is needed to take screenshots that you can share. This is always done with your previous consent. If you don't give the app this permission, you can still use it but you will not be able to share screenshots from the app.

April 2, 2019